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This company was founded in 2010 on an idea that athletes would be better lacrosse players if they had more opportunities to see games being played at the highest levels. This would reinforce what most coaches are telling the players on the field. Since the entire library of internet clips of lacrosse consists of just goals, saves, checks, hits or fights, we as educators of the game think it is imperative that the players grow their lacrosse IQ by WATCHING.

The proper message of the importance of passing, ground balls, transition, feeding, keeping the field balanced and spaced, off ball movement etc can only be fully realized when the player takes it into their own hands and watches the game being played. With the basics and fundamentals being over looked, for individual highlights, two friends/ coaches came together to build Access Lacrosse. With a large library of a variety of games at their disposal the process was started.

More videos will be uploaded daily. WATCH, EMULATE, EXCEL and Enjoy, Thanks.

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